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How to take advantages of online payment to ensure on-time payments

In line with the government's policy on the Green Finance program, consumer finance companies encourage customers to make online transactions and limit cash at these company's official payment channels or partner bank, e-wallet channels to increase information security, save time and effort, and flexibly meeting the financial needs of customers.

In addition, cashless transactions also help customer track their spending more easily, especially in planning monthly payments without worrying about being late if they know how to take advantage of online transaction.

Top online payment channels

When it comes to online payments, digital platforms open a wide range of interesting and convenient methods. Below are online loan and credit card payment channels that you cannot ignore:

  • Financial company’s mobile application and website: Almost every financial company own its mobile applications and official websites to support customer providing personal financial management, as well as bringing quick and secure payment solution for busy people.
  • Online payment via partner bank: Customer can make dept payment via Internet banking at the bank's official website or via the Mobile banking application of the partner banks without going to service points.
  • Online payment via e-wallet: E-wallet applications such as MoMo, ZaloPay, VNPAY... allow customers to transfer money and pay loans and credit card balances of financial company through its mobile application.

With the above variety of these methods, customers do not need to go to a service point to make payments; instead, they simply need to follow a few easy steps on smartphones or computers with internet connection to be able to make transactions every time everywhere.

How to take advantages of online payments to ensure on-time payments

Taking advantage of online payment methods helps customers not only ensure timely repayment but also create positive spending management habits with the following utilities.

  • Automatic payment reminder: Mobile application, internet banking and mobile banking service allow customers to follow the payment schedule by its automatic reminder notification feature. The system will automatically notify the due date and payment amount so that the customer does not miss any payment.
  • Setting up automatic payment: Register for automatic debit deduction via bank account (salaried account or payment account opened at one of the banks associated with the financial company), or via e-wallet on the financial application, customers will have their debt deducted automatically every month in full and on time. Note, customers need to ensure that there is enough money in their account to be supported to deduct when it is due.
  • Tracking outstanding balance & online payment schedule: Customers can easily check their loan payment and credit card balance, as well as card transaction details when using financial companies' applications. As a result, they can actively manage the monthly loan repayment budget and help ensure a good credit history.

At Shinhan Finance, the company always aims for sustainable values ​​through building a digital platform towards the government's green finance program. Since then, Shinhan Finance has always actively cooperated with e-wallet partners to launch many preferential programs when paying loans and card balances on the iShinhan mobile financial management application and Shinhan Finance website.

Currently, Shinhan Finance customers when making loan payment or Credit card payment on iShinhan mobile application via ZaloPay e-wallet will receive a discount up to 500,000 VND. For more information, click here.

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