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Happy International Women Day

There are ways to be happier at work and boost your career at the same time with smarter lifestyle. It's a lot satisfying for everyone to work in a positive business environment.

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Smarter at work

She builds a career around key objectives

Her life is a professional project too with some objectives and an action plan, not a wish list. Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to your where you want to be tomorrow.

She reaches out to mentors

The growth journey has many upside downs and mentorship is truly helpful. There are many inspirational people who have learned and achieved a lot on their journey. Their lessons could be invaluable for your professional growth.

She finds Technology as a close friend

Leverage digital advances, try to explore new tools and apps that can support high performance and avoid being behind the times.

She strives for progress

The common barriers to success are waiting for the right time/right chance and lack of self-motivation. The only way to move forward is to move, and the only way to progress is through practice.

She makes self-care a priority

She can only get to and stay at the top of whatever she does if she listens to her body emotionally and physically and stays as healthy as she can. Therefore, remember to nourish yourself to reach your full capability.

Happier at work

She finds time for improving herself every single day

Build the habit of scheduling some time for your personal growth every day. It can be some learning on jobs or simply a brain training for positive thinking.

She adds at least a positive change each week

Make self-upgrading a recurring thing, rather than a race that ended when we finish the line.

The world we live in is constantly changing, so not improving means that we are falling behind.

She gets into a healthier lifestyle

Happy productive employee needs to be associated with a healthy lifestyle, that includes the proper rest, exercise and recreation. Skip the old myth of "no pain, no gain." A more satisfying one will propagate into better herself, family, and personal & professional relationships.

In summary, more positive personal habits will raise her self-esteem, her confidence, her productivity, and her happiness. Best of all, these will improve her image and credibility in the eyes of the company and people. That's a win-win opportunity.

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