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Choosing credibility, choosing Shinhan Finance

Credibility is our experience for over a decade of business. Our past experiences have shown us that our collective success built from customer’s trust, which is fostered by compassionate finance, customer centric strategy, stability and integrity, advantageous product and process, strong compliance and social responsibility commitment in Vietnam.

Compassionate finance

Each person is born with a different mission, but in general all bring that mission to contribute for a better society. At Shinhan Finance, our mission is making the world a better place with the strength of finance.

We strive to uphold a virtuous cycle of shared prosperity that will create greater value for our customers, Shinhan, and all of society. To this end, we seek new methods and new approaches so that we can deliver products and services and manage money in ways that keep pace with changes in the environment. Furthermore, Compassionate finance can be seen as a growth of social community that fulfills social responsibilities and considers the socially disadvantaged or the neglected. We think that the values shared between customers and the company can both increase in the long run if everything is considered from the customer’s perspective before implementation.

Customer centric strategy

Customer-oriented is first and at the core of our business in order to provide a positive experience and build long-term relationships.

We focuses first on understanding the issue, then on helping to solve it with the most appropriate solution. Our salespeople are well trained in consultative selling skills. They are able to listen actively, offer suggestions, and tailor solutions based on what is truly in the customer’s best interest. Each customer has different credit circumstances and needs, we offer the financial solutions that best suit that need through personalization and tailored to them.

A customer-centric strategy begin and end with the customer. This means that every customer will have the opportunity to provide feedback, whether it’s through a post-sale survey, scorecard, or other format.

Requesting this feedback from our customers can help we learn what we’re doing right, and where we can tweak our approach to be more successful in the future.

Stability and integrity

The general principles applied through out of the Shinhan Finance including all of employees of the Company. All employees should strictly manage and protect information of customers and the Company that they become aware of in the course of conducting their duties.

A range of products and services provided and promoted to customers must meet their needs, be easy to understand and be able to deliver real value. Customers must be treated fairly, openly and honestly.

Advantageous product and process

We believe you might many options for dealing with your own financial status, but the best choice always comes with credibility. Credibility is our experience, our advantageous product and process will make your dream comes true in the easiest and most convenient way.

We provide Personal Loan (unsecured loan) to serve for motorbike, home renovation, studying, travelling, mariage,... needs; You can still afford a lot of consumer goods and various services with our Sales Finance product. While Auto Loan is suitable for customer want to own a car. These loans offer the optimal interest and take a short time to get disbursement.

Strong compliance and social responsibility

The company is committed to complying with laws and regulations (including applicable financial crime compliance laws and regulations such as those related to anti money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption) in all jurisdictions in which the company operates.

Our customer can easily refer features, eligibility & documents, the interest calculation method applied at Shinhan Finance at our official website, branch and Service Introduction Point offices nationwide.

Shinhan Finance also follows Shinhan Financial Group to have a proactive policy with targets that cover three pillars including “Responsible Growth,” “Social Partnerships” and “Investments for the Future”. We have been extending the optimal capabilities for our corporate citizenship and sponsoring activities. We contributes to join hands to fight COVID-19 and provides loan interest discount to new customers during COVID-19 global pandemic. Besides, we continuously contributes children books to libraries at provinces, join hand to the development of reading habit for children because we believe that investing in children is an investment in our future. Our employees also have a great opportunity to contribute for social via blood donation activities, donations for flood victims,...

After all, we know that you might have lots of choices to deal with your personal financial issues and we strive to earn your trust by our compassionate finance mission and brand credibility. Credibility is our experience. So if you choose credibility, Shinhan Finance will be a security for your financial choice.

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