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Right time to go online for Loan account management with iShinhan

Are you an active customer who wants to fully control your loan account but avoid Hotline option for its waiting time? One of the best ways to manage your loan account right now is to take advantage of digital tools and channels, which allow you to do most of your daily account management safely and free anytime, anywhere.

Understanding this customer insight, since the early of 2020, Shinhan Finance has started to run a mobile application project called "iShinhan" aimed to launch an advanced digital platform built in with modern and secure technology. iShinhan can help customers to actively manage their loan account and 24/7 online transactions. It’s open for free and can be downloaded via Android or iOS app stores. A direct access via web browser is also available at https://m.shinhanfinance.com.vn.

Go digital, Go iShinhan

1. It’s multi-functional – built for Loan management support – Accurate and up-to-date information

iShinhan provides a full range of utilities for customers to actively review their loan information, monthly due date, EMI, payment history, outstanding balance, right time payment validation etc. provided with simple visualization.

In case you need to update your personal information quickly with us, then iShinhan is a right choice. Your online requests will be taken and processed without your visit to our Branches for relevant paperwork.

Once log in, you can check account information – it's a normal way of doing things, nothing much to talk about. But iShinhan offers more convenience with a quick view of payments without logging in. You only need to register for this function once in iShinhan and get noticed for the next payments with just one swipe later. It’s convenient when you are busy while being almost late for the due date.

Those customers with good repayment behaviors can be also offered an additional loan with just one single click.

2. Access anytime anywhere (provided with Internet connection)

iShinhan allows you to access your account information anytime, anywhere provided with 4G data connection, make it possible while away on business, out of business hours, away from your branch/SIP’s region or not comfortable enough to call the Hotline or text us via Facebook Chatbot/Zalo Chat. iShinhan is still ready to serve you with the most updated information.

3. Easy app-to-app repayment

Are you on business trip? Stuck at regular meeting? No time to pay at collection points? iShinhan helps you solve it quickly. Check the payment amount shown on iShinhan and click "Pay now", you will be immediately connected to make online payments supported by popular e-wallets or internet banking of nearly 40 banks via iShinhan. App-to-App repayment technology will ensure the safest and fastest payment within 3 clicks.

Especially, customers can also set a selective e-wallet option as a default payment channel for any future repayment via iShinhan. It just takes you few minutes for authentication process without paperwork or Hotline call.

4. Safe and secure

Applying modern technology following the global trend of digitalization yet Shinhan Finance still puts the security of customer information and ensures the safety of financial transactions to the highest level. iShinhan applies optimal two-layer authentication solutions regarding banking and financial industry standards, helping customers feel secure and comfortable when experiencing iShinhan.

Why not iShinhan for now and future loan management?

If you are not a customer of Shinhan Finance yet having a need for a consumer loan and are ready for a digital experience, quickly download iShinhan and apply right away, many amazing things await for you ahead.

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