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Shinhan Finance named Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2021

Ho Chi Minh City, September 17th, 2021 - Shinhan Vietnam Finance Company Ltd., (Shinhan Finance) has received an international award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2021. In this prestigious award event, which was also attended by companies from various countries in Asia, Shinhan Finance has won the award for the Social Empowerment category at the virtual awards ceremony held on 02 September 2021.

Organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading nongovernmental organization for responsible entrepreneurship in Asia, the AREAs aim to recognize and honor Asian businesses and leaders for championing sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

This year, only 69 winners from 16 countries were selected from organizations across Asia. Shinhan Finance is the only financial brand in the country to receive the award this year.

Shinhan Finance has a strong commitment of supporting communities throughout Vietnam. We follow Shinhan Financial Group to establish the CSR strategy to fulfil corporate social responsibilities based on ‘Compassionate Finance, Your Companion for the Future' mission. It set out a direction for ‘Responsible growth,' ‘Social partnerships,' and ‘Investments for the future’ with an aim of creating a virtuous circle of benefitting local communities and the world.

Mr. Oh Taejoon – General Director of Shinhan Finance said: “It’s truly an honor that Shinhan Finance won award of Social Empowerment category from AREA 2021. As a responsible financial institution, Shinhan Finance has strived for customer’s success and pursue shared growth with the country and society. During the last few years, with the mission “Making the world a better place through finance", we have strived to increase the value experienced by various stakeholders and contributes to the sustainability of the entire society by implementing multiple annual projects such as Blood donation at critical times of shortage during Covid-19, Children book donation nationwide, Cash donation to the pandemic front-liners and vaccination fund. We also invested our nonstop efforts in raising consumer awareness against financial fraud and scam. In addition, we have a strong advocacy from our huge workforces to contribute to a better and healthier Vietnam through Healthy lifestyle initiatives and campaigns”.

About Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA)

The Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) hosted regionally since 2011, organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading non-governmental organization for responsible entrepreneurship in Asia, with over 500 winners from 19 countries since its launch, the AREA aims to recognize and honor Asian businesses and leaders for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship. The award categories are Social Empowerment, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Green Leadership, Corporate Governance, Circular Economy Leadership and Responsible Business Leadership. This year, an impressive number of 205 nominees from 16 countries were shortlisted in the final round of judging and only 69 were accorded as award recipients. In the Social Empowerment category, the AREA 2021 honored 25 projects, including Shinhan Finance, from Philippines, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.


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