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Loan today, cashback to save on iShinhan

From November 15, 2022, Shinhan Finance launches the program "Loan today, cashback to save on iShinhan" to bring customers practical financial solutions when get new disbursed digital personal loan via iShinhan app.

Specifically, from November 15, 2022 to the end of December 15, 2022, all customers will be waived free interest up to 500,000 VND of 1st EMI’s when get new disbursed digital personal loan via iShinhan.

During the promotional period, the number of customers that register loans is restricted. Click here to get T&C information.

Launched in 2020, iShinhan marks a breakthrough step of Shinhan Finance in the digital transformation journey by applying advanced technology and automating the customer service process. As a result, customers actively monitor the loan process from appraisal, approval to loan payment anytime, anywhere. Recently, iShinhan implemented an automatic approval mechanism for super-fast unsecured loan products within 15 minutes.

When paying the debt on iShinhan, customers will save more when taking advantage of preferential programs through other affiliate partners. From 11/11/2022, Customers who make payment for a loan or credit card The First via VNPay wallet can enter the code VNPAYS25 to receive a direct discount of 25,000 VND on transactions from 500,000 VND. To learn more about these offers, please refer to the information here.

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